Everyone, meet Kate. If Kate was a part of the galaxy she would be the sun. If she were music she would sound like Onra. If she were a body part she would be a pair of smiling eyes. You can’t help but be intrigued by Kate’s beauty, so I was more than a little bit excited to capture her in the first of a new segment on the blog where iIwork on my styling and art director skillz. Yeah, playing dress-ups and photographing all of the babes I know is such a tough gig, right?

It was a lazy June afternoon when I met up with Kate for an impromptu dress-ups session. I teamed up an extra large Vans shirt with a pair of her washed out boyfriend jeans, classic vans, a messy hair-do and started shooting her in soft light in her apartment stairwell. Turns out she’s a natural at this sort of thing and pulls off this nonchalant style with enviable ease. Maybe its something to do with that cheeky, vagabond personality of hers. All I know is that Kate is nothing short of great.